Igniting Innovation

with Cutting-Edge Technology

Our Mission

Our mission to transform the refining industry through cutting-edge software solutions.

Our goal is to revolutionize the refining sector with innovative software solutions. We are driven by a passion for helping people, a commitment to innovation, and a constant desire to assist our clients in saving both time and money

Who We Are

Introduction to Our Organization

Precision Material Management embarked on a journey in 2015 to introduce an efficient and economical material management software tailored for the refining industry. While offering Turnaround services, we observed the overwhelming reliance on various tools like spreadsheets, folders, emails, phone calls, text messages, paper forms, handwritten notes, and even personal recall for material management. This complexity highlighted the need for a more streamlined approach.

The challenge was further compounded by the scattered nature of crucial information. Details about Purchase Orders were confined to SAP, scheduling data was locked in Primavera, and essential documents like Equipment Files and Work Packages were hidden in private folders. These systems were not only hard to access due to their expensive licenses and steep learning curves but also fragmented. We recognized the necessity for a unified platform where different stakeholders, including Procurement, Cost Analysts, Planners, Inspection teams, Suppliers, and Contractors, could view, share, and work on information collaboratively.

This led to the creation of EZTRAK, designed with the specific needs of Turnaround environments in mind. The name ‘EZTRAK’ reflects its user-friendliness, catering to users with varying computer literacy levels, including those who may be temporary staff. Our priority was to make the system so intuitive that anyone could master it in a matter of minutes.

Our mission extends beyond software provision; we aim to support Turnaround Planners in executing successful projects, beginning with effective material management and reporting. Our commitment to this mission is evident in our track record of surpassing customer expectations, continuously enhancing our software, adding new features, and expanding its capabilities. With our unique blend of Turnaround experience and software development skills, we take pride in offering our product to the industry.

A Track Record of Success


Created the first written Material Management process Phillips66 which became a company-wide best practice.


Successfully completed our first Turnaround for Phillips66 providing Material Management services.


Launched the first version of the EZTRAK Material Management software during $50M Phillips66 Turnaround.


Licensed EZTRAK V2 to PBF Energy which include new Requestioner and Warehouse modules.


Launched new Procurement, Contractor and HSE modules in EZTRAK V3.

Leadership Team

Jason Johnson

Joey Tosta
Senior Project Manager

Veronica Bell
Customer Success Manager

Harshil Patel
Director of Technology